How to add estimated delivery dates to your BigCommerce product pages

To add an estimated delivery dates to your customer’s actual locations on your site’s product detail page, all you need is three pieces of information.

  1. The customer’s location.  You can get the customer’s location in two ways. First, you can request the location from your customer's browser. This will prompt the user to allow your site to access their current location. The second option is to use the customer’s IP address to get a generalized location. While this method is not as accurate, it typically pinpoints the user’s city, and doesn’t require any action by your customer.

  2. Time it takes for the product to leave the warehouse. For conversion rate optimization purposes, it’s best if you are able to ship out all orders the same or next day. Some products may take longer to leave the warehouse, and you'll want to take this into consideration for your estimated delivery dates.

  3. How long it takes your shipping carrier to deliver from your warehouse location to your customer's location. Most shipping carriers allow you to connect with them electronically to get this information. They'll need to know the size of the box and what type of packaging you'll be using, and with that information, they can give you a very accurate estimate of when your customer will receive their order.


Once you have those three pieces of information, you can combine them to create a great user experience displaying a delivery date.

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Another option is to use Get It By, which does all of these calculations for you. All you need to do is put our pixel on your site, and we'll display an estimated delivery date on product grid and detail pages, and in customers’ shopping carts. Setting up Get It By takes just five minutes and will boost your conversion rates by more than 10%. We're set up with every shipping carrier and work on all BigCommerce sites, no matter how complex your logistics process is. Get It By is made to be customized to your site; if you need different wording, colors, or branding we can make those changes for you.

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Why Delivery Dates on product pages is your missing puzzle piece to conversion rate increases


Before Amazon became the Steph Curry of e-Commerce, conversion rate was driven by 4 key factors: Price, social influence, ease of checking out, and how good your product data was. Outside of changing the price of your products, conversion experts typically recommend the following to increase conversions: Add trust symbols like Norton Secured, feature more product reviews, add more product images and better descriptions, or make the checkout process easier.

When Amazon burst onto the scene, the company fundamentally changed e-commerce. At first, Amazon used rock bottom prices to undercut its competitors. Now, Amazon doesn’t necessarily have the best price on the market, but they always tell customers when they’ll receive the product. It’s right there on every single product page.

75% of online shoppers are enrolled in Amazon’s Prime program, in which Amazon guarantees 2 day delivery on millions of products. Most online shoppers know when they’ll get their product before they get to checkout, so Amazon has effectively trained customers to expect delivery date information.

Amazon has invested millions of dollars to build warehouses throughout the country because they know that 83% of shoppers think that when their order will arrive is just as important as the price. Amazon has found that lower prices aren't the biggest factor in a customer's decision to purchase--online shoppers want to know when they will receive their items, and they're willing to pay more when they have this information

You can use Amazon’s advantage to increase your own conversion rate by adding delivery dates on your product pages and shopping cart. The delivery date is not merely a national shipping time average, it’s targeted specifically to each customer’s unique location.  At Get It By, we believe adding delivery dates to your store is the number one thing you can do to increase conversion rates right away. Customers want to know when their purchases will arrive, and it’s easy to give them this information. We integrate with all carriers (USPS, UPS, FedEx, and more) and all e-commerce platforms (including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and Demandware) to allow you to tell your customers when they’re going to get their purchases.

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Want Get It By on your store? Get in touch! sees a 12% increase in conversion rate by adding Get It By to their site

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About Grav

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Their Business Problem's conversion rates were hovering right around 0.9%. They had gone to great lengths to increase their conversion rates, including adding more images and videos, adding product reviews and beefing up product descriptions. No matter what they did the conversion rate did not seem to budge.'s biggest competitors are local stores that carry their products and other similar lines. A user can go to their local store and get the product at a similar price as opposed to buying from Before adding Get It By, users had no idea when a product would ship and when it would arrive at their door.

The Get It By Solution

We added Get It By to all of the product pages, as well as on the cart. Once the user enters the site and views a product they can see the estimated delivery date to their location.

We installed and fully customized the Get It By solution for to fit within their branding and user experience. To take development burden off of the team we installed on their site for them within 20 minutes.

The Results

Within 7 days of launching they were able to measure the following results:

  • 12% increase in order conversion rate

  • 20% decrease in pre-order customer service questions

  • 9% decrease in cart abandonment rate

What Grav Say About Get it By

"Besides an almost immediate 12% boost to our conversion rate, Get It By has also noticeably cut down on the number of CS tickets we get regarding delivery options and speed. It's painless to customize, so you can change your lead time, messaging, page placement, and more on the fly. We were even able to have it work around rules specific to our site and customers. 100% satisfied." 

-Conor Scully VP of Sales-Digital Grav


3 ways to increase conversion rates on your product pages without redesigning

Add images and videos

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. It stands to reason that 10 pictures are worth 10,000 words in your product descriptions. When customers shop online, they can’t touch products like they can in a brick and mortar store. Customers want to know what the product looks like from all angles, and they also want to know how the product would look in their home and lifestyle.


There are a couple of great ways to bring your products to life for customers. First, show the product in a real setting. You can use either a studio setting or photo editing to show how the product looks in real life. For example, Framebridge does a great job showing off their photo frames, allowing customers to see how the framed photo would look in a living room, and putting the product in perspective as compared to a couch, coffee table, and rug. Another great way to give customers perspective on size is to show a ruler or tape measure next to the product. While you might talk about dimensions in the description, many customers have a hard time visualizing a product by dimensions alone.

Videos are another powerful visual tool to improve conversion rates. While videos are more time consuming, they allow you to feature the product in full detail. Additionally, search engines rank pages with videos higher than those without, so videos boost your SEO value and your conversion rates. When making videos, be sure to explain the product in the same level of detail that a product description would. Check out for examples of creating great video content. KONG Jumbler Ball Dog Toy, Color Varies, Large/X-Large -

Add estimated delivery date to the product page

Amazon has trained customers to believe that every online order should get to them quickly. Unlike Amazon, you may not have the resources to have dozens of warehouses across the country, but you can still be transparent about when a product will get to your customers. In recent tests, we have found that we can increase conversion rates up to 20% by displaying estimated delivery dates to the customer’s location on product and cart pages.


We believe that showing the estimated delivery date without any user interaction is the most impactful because the customer doesn’t need to take any action to see when the product could arrive at their door. We generate the estimated delivery date by automatically detecting your customer’s location and using our integrations with every shipping carrier to calculate delivery time.

Check out our interactive demo to see the feature in action. It works on all e-commerce platforms and can be integrated on your site in five minutes, with a single Javascript plugin. The look and feel are completely customizable to perfectly integrate within your site.

Even if you don’t want to or can’t add estimated delivery dates to your site, we highly recommend telling the customer when the product will ship. Reducing the number of handling days and being transparent on the number of handling days will provide a better shopping experience and help you increase conversion rates.

Add product reviews

Finally, adding product reviews is another great way to increase conversion rate. The first step is adding a review platform to your site and setting it up to automatically email customers asking them to leave a review. However, reviews may be slow to come in, and some products might only have one or two reviews. You can easily solve this problem by writing your own reviews.

The key is to be genuine in your reviews. Point out the benefits and any drawbacks to your products. Use your products, and then write a review on your experience. We recommend being very transparent and making these reviews as real as possible. This means not every product is a 5-star product. Some products may only be worthy of 3 or 4 stars, and that’s okay.

Most product review tools have a feature that allows you to mark employee reviews. Use this tool to mark your reviews, so people know the review is coming from you. This will lend you credibility and trust, which is a key ingredient to increase conversion rates.

What is your go-to way to increase conversion rates? Try out Get It By and let us know what you think