How Get It By Works


Super Easy Setup

Setting up Get It By is as easy as adding a single Javascript pixel to your site. Get It By works with all e-commerce platforms, sites, and devices.


Geo-Location Detection

We immediately detect the customers city they are browsing from. Once we detect the location, we calculate how long it will take for products to get there from all of your warehouses.


Product Arrival Time

When customer starts shopping we show the customer exact time when the product will arrive to their location. This extra piece of information is what helps customers decide to buy from you.


Why Get It By Increases Conversion Rates?


of online shoppers say delivery date significantly affects their buying decisions.


of shoppers say that when the product will be delivered is just as important as price when making a buying decision.


of online shoppers have Amazon Prime which tells them when they will get their product.

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Fits Your Complex Systems

Items in multiple warehouses? No Problem. Every item has a different handling time? We got you covered? No matter how complex your logistics are, we can customize Get It By to fit your systems.

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Fully Customizable

Get It By is made to be customized to fit your e-commerce site's brand identity. We can change wording, colors and icons to fit in with the rest of your site.

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Drive More Conversions

Within seconds of seeing a product on your site, your visitors will know exactly when the product will get to them. They no longer have to wait until the checkout.

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Amazon FBA Intergration

Get It By integrates with your Amazon FBA account to detect where your products are and can provide anticipated estimated delivery dates on your e-Commerce store, not matter the platform.


Get It By Works On All E-Commerce Platforms


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